How to Remove Skunk Smell from a Dog


remove skunk smell from a dog

Do you have a dog who just will NOT leave skunks alone?

Every time there is a skunk that dog feels the need to show it who’s the boss.. And then of course gets sprayed and comes

into your house reeking of skunk.. Then you have to go around your house searching for anything and everything that might possibly remove a skunk smell from a dog, maybe some tomato sauce, shampoo, dish soap, ANYTHING. Well it just so happens that DogOsuds removes that foul odor left by skunks and instead leaves them smelling fresh like lavender, peppermint, or a mix of essential oils! MUCH better then nasty skunk. and its ALL NATURAL don’t have to worry about anything in it being harmful or toxic to your dog, dogOsuds is filled with all natural essential oils which not only removes the smell of skunk but can also help to deter fleas, ticks, and mosquitos. And can help heal hot spots, and damaged itchy skin, and can even help with allergies! The best shampoo to remove skunk smell from a dog would have to be the lavender scented DogOsuds, the other scents also work but not quite as well.  To learn more about DogOsuds

look above to the menu and go under “natural shampoos” and click on any of the below links,

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About The Author: Eddie Lukacevic

Im a big time animal lover, growing up around every kind of animal imaginable.. You name it, we've owned it. So it of course has rubbed off on me. Growing up in a household zoo Ive learned a bit about animal nutrition, and natural VS artificial. . And I hope to pass some of my knowledge on to you so your pets can live happy healthy lives:]


  1. Wendy Bonnell says:

    What is the breed of the puppy on your website? He is so adorable!


  2. Lia says:

    Your shampoo might work, haven’t tried it but sure remedy is this recipe.

    1 lt. peroxide 10&
    1/4 cup baking soda
    1 tbsp. mild dish soap
    Mix together, bath dog in then rinse well and shampoo
    Have used this recipe numerous times and smell is gone!!

    • DogOsuds works wonders especially the lavender scented:]

      I do appreciate the comment though as Im aware most people don’t have this on hand but they will most likely have most if not all those ingredients within arms reach.

      Thank you:]

    • Anonymous says:

      already used it . my vet told me about it

  3. Patty says:

    I have Yorkshire Terrier,
    she got sprayed by a skunk about 4 hours ago i use dawn soap on her
    but the skunked me started to really coughing and the smell is bad,
    i have Asthnma.

    • Oo thats rough.. I would highly recommend getting DogOsuds Lavender scented shampoo for future use as that seems to be the best for getting rid of skunk smell and leaving behind a beautiful scent but as Im sure you don’t have DogOsuds on you at the moment Im going to steal a recipe from a post earlier that contains ingredients you should have around your house. Now I personally have not used this but they claim it works well:]

      1 lt. peroxide 10&
      1/4 cup baking soda
      1 tbsp. mild dish soap
      Mix together, bath dog in then rinse well and shampoo

      Hope I helped

      • john says:

        how much water do you mix with ingrediants for washing skunk off your dogs. Thanks

        • Im assuming you are referring to the recipe I just posted. Unfortunately that is not MY recipe but one that I copied from another comment so I have yet to try it. The recipe itself looks like it doesn’t require water (except of course when rinsing your dog)


          • David says:

            I have used this used this concoction many times. Use equal amounts of water and peroxcide, 1qt. peroxide 1qt. water. Make sure it does not get into your dog’s eyes, extreme irretation. Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes if possible, make sure and rinse completely, especially for dogs with sensitive skin, like chocolate labs.

      • Florence Dahl says:

        The only thing wrong with this formula is you should not use on the dogs face and guess where all dogs get sprayed???

  4. Great work! That is the kind of info that are supposed to be shared across the web.
    Disgrace on the seek engines for no longer positioning this publish higher!
    Come on over and visit my website . Thank you =)

    • Right?!
      It should be much easier to find out useful information about certain things and you shouldn’t have to go back 10 pages to find it:]
      Thank you for your comment it is much appreciated.


  5. Irma says:

    My Dog just got skunked, but I can’t tell where. She keeps rubbing her nose, so I’m assuming on the face. The whole house smells like skunk =( Is the shampoo ok to use around the face?

  6. patty says:

    the peroxide/baking soda/dish soap works well. my rottie was sprayed by a skunk and it really helped with the odor. thanks sooooooooo much

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